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Q.1.My SHG is not yet to registered. How to register? Whom to contact?

A.1.Contact with Supervisor SHG&SE, Sangha (Rural areas) / ALF (for Urban areas). May be contacted for registration.

Q.2.Is there any charge for JAAGO registration?

A.2.There is no charge for JAAGO registration.

Q.3.Are exclusive Male SHGs eligible for JAAGO grant?

A.3.Not at present.

Q.4.How to form an SHG? Whom to contact with?

A.4.Contact with Supervisor SHG&SE, Sangha for Panchayat at Panchayat area / ALFs for Municipal area for formation of SHG Group.

Q.5.What type of Bank AC required to receive grant of JAAGO?

A.5.Savings Account and Current Account with cash credit facility.

Q.6.What are the eligibility criteria to get grant under JAAGO?

A.6.The eligibility criteria are - 1. A groups received cash credit limit or term loan or 2. All graded groups or 3. All groups matching the following conditions (i) 1 Year from formation of SHG or 6 months from opening of an account whichever is earlier an and (ii) Minimum deposit of Rs. 5000/- in the account.

Q.7.Is there any age limit to be a SHG member?

A.7.Minimum age is 18 years.

Q.8.Whether the grant under JAAGO is for individual member or for the Group?

A.8.For Group only.

Q.9.Why this Grant is being given?

A.9.Using the assistance as revolving fund may help in leveraging higher cash limit (CCL)/Term loan.